Unusual and useful staff retention strategies that won’t break the bank

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Attracting and retaining great staff is tricky, especially when you’ve got a less than Google-sized budget. But wowing your employees without breaking the bank isn’t impossible.

In our ebook, “Unusual and useful staff retention strategies that won’t break the bank”, you’ll see how combining unusual low cost employee perks (think ‘happiness days’ and monthly hero awards) with useful traditional benefits – like flexible working and income protection – can help you kick start your staff retention strategy (or at least help you think about it!).

This 36 page ebook includes:

  • weird and wonderful ways companies – from Hewlett Packard to Valve Software - retain their employees
  • case studies from Sunday Times 100 Best small companies
  • ideas for quirky perks you can implement quickly without breaking the bank
  • how your workforce has changed in the last 30 years and why it matters
  • why it’s important to communicate your benefits, and ways to go about it

Get great staff retention ideas to help you stay ahead of your competition. Download the free ebook now!