How to motivate staff: the ultimate guide for employers

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With research showing that a massive 57% of employees are just 'going through the motions' to collect* their monthly pay cheque, it’s clear that motivation in the UK workforce is flagging, but what can you do about it?

In our free ebook, “How to motivate staff: the ultimate guide for employers”, we look at how you can get the best from your employees whether it’s their first day or fifth year with the company.

* State of the Global Workforce report, Gallup, 2013 – 57% of employees are ‘not engaged’:

This 25 page ebook includes:

  • the latest stats around workplace motivation
  • the reasons behind why financial incentives may not be as effective as you’d think
  • the link between motivation and an employee’s relationship with their manager and colleagues
  • the ways in which companies like Argos, Apple and Bank of America Merrill Lynch are motivating their staff
  • ideas for helping to motivate your own workforce

Get great employee motivation ideas to help improve productivity, lower absenteeism and enhance your business reputation.